LMS adds student newspaper club in 2021


Sarah Proctor, 7th grader, leads the LMS Pawprint editors in a planning meeting last Friday. Proctor is the editor-in-chief and founder of the program. Photo by Mr. Bovaird, Pawprint Adviser.

In January 2021, Sarah Proctor joined the QUEST gifted elective class and took advantage of the opportunity to plant the seeds for a pet project she had been wanting to take on for a while. She used her time in the class to launch what is now known as the LMS Pawprint, our school’s online student-run newspaper.

QUEST is an elective class offered to gifted students at LMS. Students in this class choose a topic for an independent research project (IRP) and spend the quarter focusing on a SMART goal that will lead them to complete their chosen topics. Sarah choose to form this new club.

The club took off once she set the foundation for it. She had numerous students from all three grade levels join and work to establish a student-run newspaper. She wrote letters to local businesses asking for sponsorship. The initial idea was to have a printed newspaper, but after looking into the costs and other requirements, Sarah chose to pursue an online platform.

Lauren Bauer, 7th grader, and Preston Walton, 7th grader, listen to story ideas during the club’s most recent meeting. Photo by Mr. Bovaird.

Robert Bovaird, LMS gifted teacher, decided to apply for a grant through the USD 416 Endowment Association, in hopes that he could secure funding for a year subscription to School Newspapers Online. In May, Craig Holtzen, USD 416 Endowment Association president, and Dr. Brian Biermann, USD 416 superintendent, announced the winners of the endowment grants, and Mr. Bovaird’s application had been approved.

Starting in the fall of 2021, Sarah organized the club even further. Students applied to be members of the Pawprint staff, and she and Mr. Bovaird collaborated to name various section editors:

  • Lauren Bauer, 7th grade, Opinions Editor
  • Ella Bockelman, 7th grade, Photography Editor
  • Adrianna Gregar, 7th grade, Sports Editor
  • Preston Walton, 7th grade, Arts and Entertainment Editor
  • Maddie Yoder, 7th grade, Features Editor

Active staff members include Kinsley Rayne (6th grade), Charlotte Apple (6th grade), Bella Pickman (6th grade), Brooke Yoss (7th grade), Elizabeth Hall (6th grade), Shelby Pool (7th grade), Ivy Weiss (7th grade), Piper Allen (7th grade), Brock Delmez (7th grade), Ethan Ross (7th grade), Abigail Schwartz (7th grade), and Calvin Stuckey (7th grade).

The editors have already begun assigning stories to the staff writers and the club is getting to work on posting regular content online!