Dress Code


What is Dress Code?

What is a dress code? Dress code is a set of rules that are applied to a school to limit what or what you don’t wear. Almost every school has a dress code, and most of them are very strict. In most cases, the girls get dress-coded more than boys. Some say these rules are mostly aimed at girls. Some even say that they are sexist. Are they really just meant for girls, or is it all just a coincidence?
Dress codes are legal so long as they don’t treat gender identity differently (American Civil Liberties Union). In the case of some other schools (not LMS), they often use public embarrassment to try and get them not to break the dress code again. Some put them in clothes that have phrases on them that can embarrass students. Many think that this isn’t the right way to teach kids. Schools are often places where people can get made fun of. Especially because of the way they dress. Often when getting dress coded, students can get humiliated and made fun of for the clothes they wear.
Here at LMS the dress code wasn’t ever much of a big deal. The students never violated dress code rules excessively. Although the few times it has happened, there have been complaints. Should there be different rules when it comes to our dress code?

Hat and Caps

Hats and caps are not allowed in school unless for special occasions (school spirit days, etc). What is considered a hat to the school though? Some people wear headbands, but they don’t seem to be a problem. If you wear something like a bandana, you will most likely not be seeing it again. Also, if the item is considered distracting to other students you will not be allowed to wear said item. I think that this rule is fair, because school is a place to learn and is NOT a fashion show for your best cowboy hats.

Neatness / Keeping Clean

Personal hygiene is VERY important. No one wants to be next to someone who doesn’t take care of their BO. The school expects you to take care of yourself to make others’ experience at school better too. It would definitely benefit everyone’s noses if you put on your deodorant everyday.

All Around Clothes

The restrictions for clothes are pretty self explanatory. No obscene words or pictures are allowed. No distractive clothing allowed either. Underwear is to be worn on the inside not the outside. Sorry no showing off your brand new Calvin Kleins.

Ending Conclusion

In the end, I think our dress code is pretty fair. It requires you to conduct yourself with neatness. While you are free to express yourself, you need to keep in mind the other students in this building and that this is in fact, a place for learning.