Salty Pepper or Peppery Salt?


When you taste salt or pepper do you ever question its taste? Pepper always seems sometimes salty or salt seems unusually peppery.That’s where the question comes up from. Which is truly better. Salty Pepper or Peppery Salt?
An argument states that it should be salty pepper because pepper can often cause stomach aches. Especially in cases of black pepper, it can cause heartburn and indigestion. Which leads to students to lean to salty pepper.
However, peppery salt could make an argument, too. The things salt can cause are significantly worse than those of pepper. Salt can in fact give you high blood pressure and cause heart failure/kidney problems. This provides a good argument for which is better.
Considering that salt is a seasoning and pepper is a spice, and most kids need more spice in their life, peppery salt is the better choice for them.
But for the kids who are the equivalent of living roller coasters they should pick salty pepper to even things out.