Which Is Better: Paper or Online Teaching?


Over the past few years, many schools have been providing their students with laptops or Chromebooks for schoolwork. Is this the best idea? While new technology may provide students with more opportunities, it does have its disadvantages.
Have you ever wished that the literature project had been online? Or, maybe that math test would have been easier if you could have done it virtually? Even if computers and laptops may make daily school life easier, imagine what it would be like if everything we did was on computers.
A problem with that scenario would be that you would have to charge your Chromebook constantly and with some kids having ongoing practices, that might be a problem.
On the other hand, having all digital assignments might be beneficial to students. With no papers to lose, grades could go up, due to no missing papers. It would also be easier for teachers to grade online work because some assignments can only have one answer, so it can be graded by the computer.
So in the end, both choices have pros and cons but, in the future that might change, because of the new technology that is making our lives easier.