Veterans Day Program


On Veteran’s Day all veterans get celebrated whether alive or dead. Veterans need to be celebrated because of how much they protected us. The LMS and LHS choirs sang songs for each of the branches as the high school band played along. The choirs also performed a great number of other  beautiful songs. 

Families were given an American flag for loved ones they lost due to military performances from the Army. Army veterans then shot guns outside the school to honor the deceased veterans. 

If any of you are, were, did, or tried the military, but didn’t survive, thank you for your service and your bravery. If you had a family member lost at war, we appreciate their sacrifice and are terribly sorry for your loss. 

If you see a veteran just say, “Thank you, for your service,” it means a lot to them. Because of the brave soldiers and veterans, we can live safely in a free country.