Upcoming STUCO Events



Events coming soon or are already here:

Some very interesting and fun activities are coming up from the Student Council, and with this article, you’ll be in the know in advance! 

Talent Show!

The STUCO Talent show takes place on the half day before winter break. Sign ups will start on November 22 to December 3, 2021 to all who want to show off their stuff! 

Food Drive

Not everyone has the privilege of having delicious dinners, and in the winter, life gets even harder for people who are less fortunate than others. Starting December 6th, you can help kids out with the STUCO sponsored food drive. You bring food to your Wildcat Time, and whichever has the most food total donated at the end of the drive wins a special prize for their whole Wildcat Time! 

Graham Cracker House Challenge

Tradition broken up by COVID-19, making graham cracker structures in a competition was a jolly activity. Using only graham crackers, icing, and your imagination for your structures at home, you bring the whole “graham cracker house” to the lunch room on Tuesday 14th. After school on same day, your team brings it’s candy and decorating supplies, and the competition starts! Spend from Wildcat Time to 5:00 decorating, jamming to holiday tunes, and eating Chic-fil-A! See Mrs. Tappan for more information. Grab a sign-up sheet to register your team of four or less! 

Door Decorating

Coming soon, there is going to be a door decoration contest between all Wildcat times. The doors have to be decorated based off of one of our themes

Winter Formal

We do not know much about the Winter Formal yet, but we do have two things we can share:

  1. It’s in the winter
  2. It’s a formal dance.

Although there is not much information to share as of now, we can definitely all look forward to a night of (formal) fun!


That is all that’s coming up, we hope you have been forewarned and will be able to participate in all of these activities. Thank you for reading, have a great day!