Should Students Have Phones in Class?

Should Students Be Allowed to Have Phones in Class?

Do you think that students should be allowed to have phones in class? What is your opinion on this classic debate? Many people say yes and many people say no. I am going to give you a good look at both sides.

The most obvious reason is that students can cheat when they are allowed to have their phone. People on the other side might say that students should not have their phones on test days but they should have them on any other days. Another big reason why students should not have phones in class is because they might be too worried about their phones, and will not be able to listen to what is happening in class. People on the otherĀ  side may say that students should only be allowed to look at their phones briefly but not to watch videos or play games.

A statement that students on the yes side could argue is that sometimes students forget something at home and they need to text their parents. Other students may debate that you can email your parents or call them in the office. Back on the other side people might argue that most parents do not check their email too much and will not respond to an email and also parents are less likely to answer a call from the school as most parents respond to their children’s texts.

Students saying no also may say that students can use this texting ability too much i.e. texting their friends or texting their parents for fun. My opinion is that students should not be allowed to have phones in class but they should be allowed to have them during the passing period.