Library Challenge Book Reviews

Reviews on Library Challenge Books

Many of the Library Challenge Books have numerous awards and high ratings. If you read at least 14 of the selected books, you can go with Mrs. Tappan on an unregrettable field trip! Down below, I will review “The Next Great Paulie Fink”, “When You Trap a Tiger”, “A Wish in the Dark”, “Echo Mountain”, and “What Stars Are Made Of”.


The Next Great Paulie Fink”

In this epic book, the main character ,Catilyn,  moves to a new school with only 10 other people in her grade! They all talk about Paulie Fink, the evil genius, the prankster, and the class clown who has mysteriously disappeared. Catilyn ends up being the judge for a contest in which one of her classmates with be crowned as “The Next Great Paulie Fink”

I really enjoyed this book because it was so unique and weird. Another thing that was noticeable was that the main character faces problems that we face in real life. There was always something exciting happening and kept me turning page after page! You will also be astonished by the ending which is dramatic, chaotic, and hilarious!


“When You Trap a Tiger”

This story starts off in the car with one mom and two sisters driving to their grandmother’s house. Again and again, Lily keeps seeing a tiger everywhere she goes. In her culture, tigers are to never be trusted. To make it worse, her grandmother is sick. Lily makes a deal with the tiger to make everything better but it gets worse first.

This book was very mysterious and heartwarming. If you have a sibling you can relate to this book because Lily has a sister. The Korean history and culture in this book is so unique and interesting that I couldn’t stop reading!


“A Wish in the Dark”

This book is about a boy, Pong, who lives in a city where fire is illegal and everything is powered by light orbs which are made by the governor. These light orbs are very expensive.He lives in a prison because he was born there. When he was 12, he ran away from the prison to start a new life as a monk in a new place where using fire is okay. When Nok, a fierce girl looking for him finds him, Pong is forced to run away. There, he finds an old friend from the prison and they start cooking up a plan.

The beginning of this book was so mysterious that it made me keep reading! The setting in this book takes place in a Korean-like city which is really interesting. I recommend this book for anybody who likes adventures and mystery.


Echo Mountain”

During the great depression, Ellie tries to wake up her father who is in a coma after being hit by a tree. While adventuring the forest in which her family had to move into, she finds an old abandoned cottage that an old lady lives in.

In the beginning of this book, it was kind of boring and slow, but after some rising actions, the story gets more interesting. This isn’t one of the best books I’ve read and I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you get grossed out easily.


“What Stars are Made of”

Libby, a girl who likes talking to famous scientists in her head, finds out that her sister is pregnant. Libby wants to do everything she can to make sure that it turns out perfect. So, when she makes a deal with Cecila Payne, a scientist that discovered what stars are made of, to ensure that her sister’s baby is perfect and things start to get really bad. . . 

This book is amazing! I love how it shows how much siblings will do for each other. It shows us that even if things aren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean we can’t love it less! Even if your not planning to go to the trip with Mrs. Tappan, this book would still be a great choice!