Cereal Before . . . Or After?

Do you pour your milk in before your cereal? Lots of people pour their cereal before their milk and consider people who pour in their milk first to be a menace to society. Even if pouring your milk first, before your cereal, is absurd, (or is it?) some people think it’s the right thing to do. 


Why do so many people think that you should pour your cereal first? Some people suggest pouring in your cereal first so that all of it is covered in milk. Another reason to pour your cereal before milk is because some people don’t even use milk in the first place. They can add it later on if they change their mind. You can think about it this way, milk is technically cereal sauce, some just prefer to eat their cereal without sauce.


I know you probably will hate me after I say this, but I pour in my milk first. Why do I do this? First of all, if you pour in your milk first, your cereal won’t get soggy as much because you’re pouring it in last. You also have time to put the milk back in the fridge before you put in the cereal. Pouring your milk first can also save you milk. If you pour your milk in first, then you can clearly see how much you’re pouring. Then, you won’t overpour.


So, all in all, there are many benefits to both ways, it’s just a matter of opinion on which one is a better method. The next time you eat cereal, think about all the possibilities.