FACS Pizza Article

This week in FACS, students made mini pizzas in the kitchen. This article will cover the process of the safety test, the preparation, the cooking, and the aftermath.


The test, which was taken by all FACS students, was all about safety. The students were to pass the test with a 90% score or higher to cook their pizza. If you got an 89% or lower, you had to retake the test. 


To prepare for the pizza lab, you needed to assign jobs, sanitize the tables, and fill the water pitcher with water from Mr. Reece’s room. Everyone needs to take part in the lab to get a grade, so that’s why you assign jobs to your group members. The sanitization process is necessary so that your food doesn’t get contaminated with germs. Finally, you need the water because what’s a meal without a drink?


The cooking is the best part of the lab. First, you need to take off your hoodies and jackets and replace them with an apron and some gloves. You get to add your own toppings to the pizza (including at least ONE green pepper), cook the pizza, and eat it! To prepare your pizza to be cooked, you need to preheat the oven to 450°. Next, you need half an english muffin and the toppings of your choice. Flatten out the muffin so that your ingredients don’t fall out. Fill the middle of the muffin with your toppings. Put the mini pizza in the oven for 12 minutes. While your pizza cooks, you can do other things such as dishes, chores, or a fun game. Once your pizza is done, you will want to let it cool down for a bit. When it’s cooled down, you can serve it on a plate to you or someone else! Have a great snack!


When you’re done eating your pizza, you will need to clean up. You should gather the plates and other dishes and clean them. Next, you’ll need to sanitize all the tabletops you used to create your pizza. You can take off your gloves and apron (If you want) and throw them away. Finally, you can put your hoodies and jackets back on. Congratulations! You successfully made a pizza and cleaned up the mess you left behind.


To conclude this article, you learned the basics of making a homemade mini pizza. Have a great time making a pizza and sharing it with your friends!