Band and Choir Concerts


   The Advanced Choir had a concert the day before spring break, the songs they sang with the other choirs were “Each and Everyone,” “Just be Happy,” and, “Duermete.” The song they sang on their own was “Can you Hear?”

   The Intermediate Choir, Advanced Choir, and Band have a concert on Saturday, March 26. There will be Choir solos, Band solos, and Band Ensembles. The event officially started at 8 am, with the Gibson Ensemble, number 8.4. The last event for that day was the Burk Ensemble, number 8.2. All LMS bands received ones, the superior rating, as well as ensembles and solos!

   Then, the band had their Spring Concert on the 28th. They performed The “Legends” Suite, “Groovee”, and “On Joyful Wing” at the Louisburg High School. Band ensembles and solos were also performed afterward in the LHS cafeteria while cookies were provided for everyone.