Tech Shelf Project

In technology 2 we are currently and almost done with our unconventional selves. The shelves are 24” tall and 28” in width. It has taken us about 2 to 3 weeks to finish it.


In the beginning, we had to measure and outline it on grid paper. Then, we had Mr.Rooney check to see if we did our measurements correctly. Then we started getting ready in the shop.


First, he gave us an 8-foot tall board we cut into 2 feet each. The next day we got another piece to make all five. Then, we put the marking on the wood vertical, mid, top, and bottom.


After that, we started cutting out the pieces. Then we cut out the pieces we sanded the wood down to make it nice and smoooooth. Next, we glue in little pieces if needed. Finally, we attach the hinges.


This is the end of it.