Cold Lunch V. Hot Lunch


Do you eat hot lunch? The food of LMS has always had decent lunch some days and the rest are a mystery. Most of the time they’re healthy and balanced. This year, due to Covid, the lunches are free for all students. I do understand that some people do not like the lunches, but you do have to admire the effort that the lunch ladies put in to give everyone a meal.

Most of the meals consist of a hamburger, corn dog, or some type of sandwich. They also come with sides like fruit, salads, or beans, along with milk. On most days, lunch comes with cereal and crackers also. You never know if you’ll like it until you try it. If you are not sure if you want to try the food, you can ask what other people’s opinions are on it.

Though for some people, hot lunch isn’t really an option for them. If you have an allergy to some sort of major food, it is safe to say you should probably not eat the hot lunch. Even if you’re desperate for more food, it’s really not worth it, is it? Other than that, others might just want to eat their already packed lunch.

Cold lunch does have its perks. You get to choose what you want to eat out of your house, unlike hot lunch. You have a choice of how much food you can bring and how healthy or unhealthy it is. Once you get to the lunchroom you can start eating right away, while the others have to wait in line to get their food.

Do you like eating hot or cold lunch? Do you want your choice of food or the free school lunch that many people eat? Would you want to wait in line or sit right down and eat?